Reaching for the stars

Mi. 17.4.2024

Beginn um 18.15 Uhr
Abschluss um 21.00 Uhr

Bern, Uni S, Raum S003
Public lecture with Ian Hutchinson

 Reaching for the stars - our scientific quest for fusion energy

Stars are powered by nuclear fusion reactions in their incredibly hot interiors. Our human attempts to harness fusion energy on Earth have led us to a deep understanding of the physics of the fourth state of matter, plasma, of which stars and most of the visible universe consists. This presentation will explain some of the science of plasma and the prospects for terrestrial fusion energy, but also address the two major motivations for this and all of science: our wonder and curiosity about the world, and our desire to live well in it. 

This lecture is held in cooperation with VBG, the Christian student movement in Switzerland, and with the kind support of the John Templeton Foundation.


This lecture is part of a series of public lectures in this week. Here you find further information.